Single Player Walkthrough

Single Player Campaign Walkthrough

Single Player Tactics is one of other Tactics in the Clash of Clans game.


Single Player Campaigns are battles against NPC (Non Player Character) Goblins and their preset villages. There are currently 50 Single Player Missions, and each level has 3 stars that can be achieved for a maximum possible 150 stars from all levels. Achieving all 150 stars satisfies the “Get those Goblins!” achievement worth a total of 35Gems. Each level also has varying Gold and Elixir rewards that can be raided from storages and Town Halls. The basic mechanics in the Single Player Campaign are the same as in multiplayer, with the following exceptions:

  • No player Trophies are won or lost.
  • There is No time limit.
  • The number and type of Defensive Buildings do not follow what is available to players and are limited only by the available space. For example, the current final level “Sherbet Towers” has 6 Wizard Towers and dozens of Bombs (only 4 Wizard Towers and 6 Bombs are available at Town Hall at even level 10).
  • Defensive Buildings like the X-Bow and the Inferno Tower are not present in these maps.
  • There are “decoy” buildings which serve no purpose at all (other than counting towards the percentage).
  • Attacking (in the Single Player Campaign) will not remove an active Shield.
  • A battle will not finish in the case of a disconnect. In fact, disconnecting during a battle will prevent a victory even if it had already been achieved and you will lose all spawned troops.
  • The attacks on the Single Player Campaign will not give you loot bonuses, unlike multiplayer battles.

Most people attack while they have a shield and nothing else to upgrade to give them something to do.

Doing the campaign is very well worth it, as the raids are worth Resources5,860,000Elixir and 5,704,000Gold. Furthermore, you get 35Gems from the achievement “Get those Goblins!“, for three-starring every map.

A number of the levels have no Air Defenses, Archer Towers or Wizard Towers. That means you can easily complete them with a single Balloon (or other air troop). Be aware that other missions can still be won with 1 Balloon as well; you just have to destroy all the Wizard Towers, Air Defenses and Archer Towers with other troops/spells first.

Below is a list of all Single Player missions and their rewards, along with brief strategies for completing them.

Single Player Map (swipe/move the map down and up)

# Base Name Gold Elixir
1 Payback 500Gold 500Elixir
2 Goblin Forest 500Gold 500Elixir
3 Goblin Outpost 1,000Gold 1,500Elixir
4 Rocky Fort 1,000Gold 1,500Elixir
5 Goblin Gauntlet* 1,000Gold 1,500Elixir
6 Cannonball Run 1,000Gold 1,500Elixir
7 Two Smoking Barrels 2,000Gold 2,000Elixir
8 Gold Rush* 6,000Gold 2,000Elixir
9 Maginot Line 2,000Gold 2,000Elixir
10 Rat Valley* 3,000Gold 6,000Elixir
11 Brute Force 4,000Gold 10,000Elixir
12 Gobbotown* 12,000Gold 3,000Elixir
13 M is for Mortar 8,000Gold 8,000Elixir
14 Megablaster 8,000Gold 8,000Elixir
15 Immovable Object 10,000Gold 10,000Elixir
16 Fort Knobs 15,000Gold 15,000Elixir
17 Watchtower 10,000Gold 12,000Elixir
18 Fool’s Gold 20,000Gold 6,000Elixir
19 Thoroughfare 15,000Gold 15,000Elixir
20 Bouncy Castle 17,000Gold 17,000Elixir
21 Fivoka 20,000Gold 20,000Elixir
22 Gobbo Campus 25,000Gold 25,000Elixir
23 Danny Boy 30,000Gold 30,000Elixir
24 Ommahha Beech 35,000Gold 35,000Elixir
25 Walls of Steel 40,000Gold 40,000Elixir
26 Silician Defense 45,000Gold 45,000Elixir
27 Obsidian Tower* 20,000Gold 80,000Elixir
28 Arrow Head 60,000Gold 60,000Elixir
29 Red Carpet 70,000Gold 70,000Elixir
30 Natural Defense 150,000Gold 2,000Elixir
31 Steel Gauntlet 80,000Gold 80,000Elixir
32 Queen’s Gambit 90,000Gold 90,000Elixir
33 Full Frontal* 50,000Gold 140,000Elixir
34 Chimp in Armor 150,000Gold 50,000Elixir
35 Faulty Towers 110,000Gold 110,000Elixir
36 Point Man 120,000Gold 120,000Elixir
37 Triple A 130,000Gold 130,000Elixir
38 Goblin Picnic* 120,000Gold 270,000Elixir
39 Bait ‘n Switch 140,000Gold 140,000Elixir
40 Collateral Damage 150,000Gold 150,000Elixir
41 Choose Wisely 150,000Gold 150,000Elixir
42 Mega Evil 150,000Gold 150,000Elixir
43 Crystal Crust 200,000Gold 200,000Elixir
44 Cold as Ice 250,000Gold 250,000Elixir
45 Jump Around 300,000Gold 300,000Elixir
46 Kitchen Sink 400,000Gold 400,000Elixir
47 Rolling Terror 500,000Gold 500,000Elixir
48 Megamansion 600,000Gold 600,000Elixir
49 P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 700,000Gold 700,000Elixir
50 Sherbet Towers 800,000Gold 800,000Elixir
 Total: 5,704,000Gold 5,860,000Elixir

* Maps with Eastern Eggs.

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