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Game Slang and Glossary

The Game Slang is one of the General elements of the Clash of Clans game.

Join from TX 8 full, rushers and jumpers passing by, CW donations are strictly on request otherwise kick, lava in defense, attack below the mirror…


  • AI – Artificial Intelligence;
  • CC – Clan Castle;
  • CoC – Clash of Clans;
  • CW – Clan War;
  • DE – Dark Elixir;
  • DPS – Damage Per Second.
  • IAP – In-App Gems Purchases.
  • IGN – Standing for ‘in-game name’, this is the name of your village;
  • HP – Hit Points, Health.
  • HS – Housing Space.
  • THTown Hall;
  • XPExperience;


  • Abandoned Base – An abandoned base or village is one whose owner has neglected to log into Clash of Clans for an extended period of time. It is characterized by many uncollected resources, empty storages, unarmed traps and multiple tombstones from previous attacks. Many abandoned bases are players who have quit the game entirely;
  • Air Troop/Unit – Air troops are Troops that have the ability to fly. In game terms, they are unimpeded by Walls and can be targeted by Aerial Defenses and other anti-air units. Troops and Defenses that can only attack ground troops (such as Cannons and Mortars) cannot attack them;
  • Altar – An Altar is the anchor point on the village for a hero, and it defines the hero’s patrol area. Each hero has a corresponding Altar; the hero is automatically summoned when its Altar is first constructed. When damaged in combat, the hero will regenerate his/her hit points while sleeping on top of the Altar. Although it has no offensive or defensive capabilities, the Altar must be destroyed for an attacker to achieve three Stars. Destroying the Altar has no effect on the hero;
  • Anti-Air – Includes every Defensive Building that can attack air troops. All buildings, troops, traps and spells that can damage or destroy air troops are included in this meaning;
  • Attack Strategy – A method of attacking in order to achieve a specific goal, usually farming, trophies, or both. An attack strategy consists of a specific complement of troops and spells, and a step-by-step guide to deploying those units in the most effective way.
  • Attack Rate – The frequency that a unit or structure attacks, usually expressed in seconds;
  • Base – Village;
  • Chat – A place where you can chat with other Clash of Clans players here on the Clash of Clans Wiki. Can also refer to the Global Chat or Clan Chat available within the Clash of Clans game itself;
  • Defeat – The outcome of a battle when the attacker fails to earn any stars. The attacker will lose trophies which will be awarded to the defender. Loot bonuses (if any) will not be triggered, but the attacker keeps all the resources he/she raided from the village.
  • Clan – An in-game group of players who join together both socially as well as from a gameplay perspective. Clans can compete with other clans by pooling their trophies to see which Clans have the highest overall trophies. In addition, clanmates can donate troops to each other using the Clan Castle, and talk to each other using a private Clan Chat. They can also compete in Clan Wars for bonus loot.
  • Cup – A common alternative to the term Trophy.
  • Damage Per Attack/Shot/Hit – The amount of damage a unit or structure inflicts each time it attacks. Not to be confused with Damage Per Second. If (and only if) a unit attacks once per second, Damage Per Shot will equal Damage Per Second.
  • Defense – Depending on context, refers either to Defensive Buildings or defensive Raids.
  • Ground Troop/Unit – Ground troops are troops that travel on ground only. In game terms, they must destroy or go around walls (unless they can jump over them innately like Hog Riders or are under the effect of the Jump Spell and will tend to walk around buildings and decorations unless there is no other path. They can be targeted by Troops and Defenses that can attack ground troops, but not by those that can only attack air troops.
  • Housing Space – A measure of how much room a troop requires in either an Army Camp or a Clan Castle. An Clan Castle or Army Camp that has a capacity of 20 housing units can hold 20 Archers (1 housing unit each), 4 Giants (5 housing units each), one Dragon or another combination of troops that does not exceed 20 housing units.
  • Freemium – Business model where an app is given away for free, and then its users are encouraged to make In-App Purchases. Clash of Clans is a freemium game.
  • Fractional Damage – The concept where the damage that a unit causes does not have to be represented as a whole number. Within Clash of Clans, several units cause fractional damage per attack, especially those with high attack rates. According to Supercell, Hit points are kept to two significant digits.
  • Layout – Refers to a specific distribution of buildings, traps and walls. Each layout is typically designed for a purpose (protecting resources, protecting trophies in general, defending against a particular troop like a Hog Rider, etc.). Different layouts not only cause troops to behave in a certain way, it also will typically dictate the attack strategy employed by the opponent.
  • Meat Shield – A meat shield is one or more troops used as a “distraction” to draw fire away from other troops so they can do damage. The Giant is obviously the most common meat shield because of his high health. A P.E.K.K.A is also a great choice for a meat shield because of her high health and high DPS. However, because many people don’t have/can’t afford a P.E.K.K.A, they use Giants instead.
  • Melee – Disorganized, free-for-all, close quarters combat. In Clash of Clans terms, a melee troop is one that attacks via hand-to-hand combat as opposed to at range. If a melee troop is in range to attack another troop, that troop can always attack back.
  • Multiplayer Attack – See Raid. Multiplayer attacks refer specifically to those raids against another user, and often refer to only those attacks that occur as a result of multiplayer matches (those that trigger the trophy league loot bonus if successful).
  • Multiplayer Match – Multiplayer matching is the act of selecting the “Attack!” button on the main screen and then clicking “Find a Match” (for a nominal fee of Gold). If a player is currently in a Trophy League and successfully attacks using “Find a Match” (i.e. achieves at least one star), that player will receive the loot bonus associated with that league.
  • Nexting – A verb used to describe searching for a base to raid. ex: I keep nexting but can’t find a good base to attack.
  • One-shot – A term that refers to a unit or structure completely destroying another previously-undamaged unit or structure in a single attack, i.e. destroying it in one shot. Usually used as a verb, such as “That Archer Tower one-shotted my Witch.”
  • Parent Troop – The reciprocal term of subtroops, referring to Golems, Witches and Lava Hounds. They split into or summon their corresponding subtroops.
  • Raid – A raid is an attack on a Village, either yours (i.e. a Defense), another user’s (i.e. a Multiplayer Attack or Clan War attack) or an NPC village (as part of the Single Player Campaign). At least one troop or spell (or the Clan Castle) must be deployed for it to be considered an attack. If at least one star is earned, the attack is considered successful, and if no star is earned the attack is considered a failure. In multiplayer attacks, trophies are earned for successful attacks and lost for failed attacks, and if the attacking player is in a trophy league a multiplayer victory will also trigger the league’s loot bonus.
  • Revenge – A raiding feature that allows a person to attack someone that has attacked them.
  • Royals – A common alternate term for Heroes.
  • Splash Damage – Damage that applies to all units within a specified radius of the targeted unit. Contrast with Single Target Damage.
  • Subtroop – A generic term for Golemites, Skeletons and Lava Pups. They are only spawned by their parent troops, and can’t be trained, placed directly, or donated via the Clan Castle.
  • Victory – Defined in Clash of Clans as a successful attack in terms of Stars: earning at least one Star will result in a victory and trophies will be earned from the player that was raided. Victories will trigger loot bonuses if the player is in a league, and allows the player to earn war win bonuses in Clan Wars.
  • Village – The general term for a player’s controllable 44-by-44 area within Clash of Clans. A player’s village consists of the Town Hall plus all associated buildings, walls and decorations.


  • Collector, Pump – Elixir Collector. Sometimes also used in the general sense to refer to Gold Mines and Dark Elixir Drills as well.
  • Drill – Dark Elixir Drill;
  • Farmer – A player who primarily engages in farming.
  • Farming – Method of gameplay where the player focuses on acquiring Resources instead of Trophies.
  • Gemmer – A player who regularly buys and uses large quantities of Gems.
  • Mine – Gold Mine;


Army Composition

  • Balloonion – An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Balloon and Minion units;
  • BAM – An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Barbarian, Archer and Minion units;
  • Barch – An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Barbarian and Archer units;
  • GoWiPe – An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Golem, Wizard and P.E.K.K.A units;
  • GoWiWi – An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Golem, Wizard and Witch units;
  • Lavaloon – An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Lava Hound and Balloon units;
  • Lavaloonion – An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Lava HoundBalloon and Minion units;


  • Jumper, Hopper – A player who jumps from clan to clan hence the name;
  • Kick – banishment from the clan;

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