The Experience is an indicator of your Progress in the Clash of Clans game.

Experience as displayed on the village screen. (Located on the top left of your device’s screen.)

How Experience is Earned Experience

In Clash of Clans you earn experience from the following methods:

Donating Troops

When donating Troops to your clanmates, you get 1 experience point per housing space donated. For instance, if you donate a Barbarian, you get 1Experience point because it fills one housing space. If you donate a P.E.K.K.A, you will get 25Experience points because it fills 25 housing spaces.

You do not get experience for donating troops to War Bases, nor do they count towards your “Friend in Need” Achievement. This is because that could be exploited easily as players could have donated troops to another player, and with collaboration with that player, could remove the troops, and the player could then again donate troops to get more experience, and repeat that over and over again.

Building and Upgrading Structures

Most players gain the majority of their experience by building and upgrading village Buildings. The amount of experience earned is directly related to the amount of time the construction takes. The longer the build time, the more experience you earn when the building is completed.

To determine how much experience you will gain from upgrading a particular Building, you need to convert the building’s build time into seconds, take the square root of that number, and round down.

For example, a level 1 Cannon takes 1 minute to build. 1 minute = 60 seconds. The square root of 60 is 7.746, rounded down is 7. Therefore, a level 1 Cannon will grant 7Experience once completed. Currently the most you can earn for a single upgrade is 1,099Experience, which occurs with the level 3 and 4 X-Bow, the level 8 Hidden Tesla, the level 3 Inferno Tower, the level 6 Clan Castle and the level 10 Town Hall.

Possible Build Times and Experience Gained for Each

Build/Upgrade Time Build/Upgrade Time, secs Experience
10 secsBuild/Upgrade Time 10Build/Upgrade Time 3Experience
1 minsBuild/Upgrade Time 60Build/Upgrade Time 7Experience
5 minsBuild/Upgrade Time 300Build/Upgrade Time 17Experience
15 minsBuild/Upgrade Time 900Build/Upgrade Time 30Experience
30 minsBuild/Upgrade Time 1,800Build/Upgrade Time 42Experience
45 minsBuild/Upgrade Time 2,700Build/Upgrade Time 51Experience
1 hourBuild/Upgrade Time 3,600Build/Upgrade Time 60Experience
2 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 7,200Build/Upgrade Time 84Experience
3 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 10,800Build/Upgrade Time 103Experience
4 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 14,400Build/Upgrade Time 120Experience
5 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 18,000Build/Upgrade Time 134Experience
6 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 21,600Build/Upgrade Time 146Experience
8 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 28,800Build/Upgrade Time 169Experience
10 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 36,000Build/Upgrade Time 189Experience
12 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 43,200Build/Upgrade Time 207Experience
16 hoursBuild/Upgrade Time 57,600Build/Upgrade Time 240Experience
1 dayBuild/Upgrade Time 86,400Build/Upgrade Time 293Experience
2 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 172,800Build/Upgrade Time 415Experience
3 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 259,200Build/Upgrade Time 509Experience
4 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 345,600Build/Upgrade Time 587Experience
5 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 432,000Build/Upgrade Time 657Experience
6 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 518,400Build/Upgrade Time 720Experience
7 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 604,800Build/Upgrade Time 777Experience
8 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 691,200Build/Upgrade Time 831Experience
9 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 777,600Build/Upgrade Time 881Experience
10 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 864,000Build/Upgrade Time 929Experience
12 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 1,036,800Build/Upgrade Time 1,018Experience
14 daysBuild/Upgrade Time 1,209,600Build/Upgrade Time 1,099Experience

Completing Achievements

Clash of Clans has several Achievements you can complete. Each Achievement is divided up into 3 parts which get progressively more difficult and give progressively more experience.

For completing Achievements are given 10Experience , 50Experience ,100Experience , 500Experience  or 1000Experience .

Destroying an Opponent’s Town Hall

Destroying an opponent’s Town Hall gives experience equal to the level of the Town Hall. For example, if you destroy a level 7 Town Hall, you will get 7Experience points.

Similar to multiplayer mode, destroying a Goblin’s Town Hall in the Single Player Campaign also gives experience.

Clearing Obstacles

In Clash of Clans, Obstacles are trees and rocks that can be cleared for a small fee (usually ranging from 100 to 10,000Elixir or 10020,000Gold) if you have a Builder available. In addition to having the chance to give you 0-6Gems, Obstacles also give experience when cleared. The amount of experience they give is worked out exactly the same as with Buildings: you take the square root of the amount of time in seconds to remove the Obstacle and round down.

The following table lists all of the possible lengths of time for clearing an Obstacle and the amount of experience you earn.

Clearing Time 10 secsClearing Time 15 secsClearing Time 20 secsClearing Time 30 secsClearing Time 45 secsClearing Time 60 secsClearing Time
Experience Gained 3Experience 3Experience 4Experience 5Experience 6Experience 7Experience

Earning Experience Quickly

If you wish to increase your level quickly, the fastest way to do so is through Troop donation. Below are two tables listing the experience you can gain from training Troops and donating them as soon as they are trained. 2 hours was used because it makes numbers come out roughly even and it is the length of time that a boost lasts. Regular Troops and Dark Troops are separated because they use different Barracks.

Note that the values in these tables are for a single Barracks. Multiply the appropriate column by the number of boosted or unboosted Barracks you have.

Troop Training Time in Secs XP per Donation XP per 2 Hours XP per Boosted 2 Hours
Elixir Regular Troops Elixir
Barbarian 20 1 360 1,440
Giant 120 5 300 1,200
Archer 25 1 288 1,152
Goblin 30 1 240 960
Wall Breaker 120 2 120 480
Healer 900 14 112 448
Dragon 1,800 20 80 320
Balloon 480 5 75 300
P.E.K.K.A 2,700 25 66.7 266.7
Wizard 480 4 60 240
Dark Elixir Dark Troops Dark Elixir
Minion 45 2 320 1,280
Hog Rider 120 5 300 1,200
Valkyrie 480 8 120 480
Golem 2,700 30 80 320
Lava Hound 2,700 30 80 320
Witch 1,200 12 72 288

. . .

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