Town Hall Level 6

Town Hall Level 6

The Town Hall is the heart of your village and the most important Building in the Clash of Clans game.

At sixth level small golden pillars appear on the sides of the Town Hall with vines that partially cover them.

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At Sixth level the Town Hall has 2,800Hit Points, the upgrade cost is 750,000Gold and last for 4 days. After finishing of the upgrade You will get the Experience: 587Experience.

At this Level the Town Hall can store the following maximum amount of Resources: 300,000Gold and 300,000Elixir.

Sixth level of the Town Hall allows you to build 8 additional Buildings (Total is 53, including the Town Hall itself, Traps and 5 Builder’s Huts).

The number of available sections of the Walls is increased by another 25 (Total is 125).

The Most Expensive Upgrades

The most expensive upgrade for Elixir at this town hall is Lighting Spell level 4 for 1,000,000Elixir.

The most expensive upgrade for Gold is Clan Castle level 3 for 800,000Gold.

Buildings and Troops Available at this Level of the Town Hall (swipe table right and left)

Building Types The Number of Buildings and Their Max Level
Resource Buildings Elixir Collector Level 10 (6)New Buildingx 6 Elixir Storage Level 10 (2)Elixir Storage Level 10 (2)Gold Mine Level 10 (6)New Buildingx 6 Gold Storage Level 10 (2)Gold Storage Level 10 (2)Builder’s Hut (5)x 5
Army Buildings Barracks Level 8 (3)Barracks Level 8 (3)Barracks Level 8 (3)Army Camp Level 6 (3)Army Camp Level 6 (3)Army Camp Level 6 (3)Laboratory Level 4Spell Factory Level 2Clan Castle Level 3
Defensive Buildings Cannon Level 7 (3)Cannon Level 7 (3)Cannon Level 7 (3)Archer Tower Level 3 (3)Archer Tower Level 7 (3)Archer Tower Level 7 (3)Mortar Level 4 (2)Mortar Level 4 (2)New BuildingAir Defense Level 4Wizard Tower Level 3 (2)Wizard Tower Level 3 (2)New BuildingAir Sweeper Level 2New BuildingWall Level 6 (125)25 New Segmentsx 125
It’s Interesting!
Traps Bomb Level 3 (4)Bomb Level 3 (4)Bomb Level 3 (4)Bomb Level 3 (4)Spring Trap (4)Spring Trap (4)Spring Trap (4)New BuildingSpring Trap (4)New BuildingAir Bomb Level 2 (2)Air Bomb Level 2 (2)Giant Bomb Level 2New Building
Regular Troops Barbarian Level 3Level 3 Archer Level 3Level 3 Giant Level 3Level 3 Goblin Level 3Level 3 Wall Breaker Level 3Level 3 Balloon Level 3Level 3 Wizard Level 3Level 3 Healer Level 1
Dark Troops – n/a –
Spells Lightning Spell Level 4Level 4 Healing Spell Level 3Level 3
Heroes – n/a –

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  1. avatar Sarah ( Player's League: Unranked Unranked Player's Trophies 2 )

    You can upgrade the lightning spell at TH 5

  2. avatar Darrell ( Player's League: Unranked Unranked Player's Trophies 1 )

    What about the new update with 2 air defences?

  3. avatar MatyiChannelYT ( Player's League: Unranked Unranked Player's Trophies 1 )

    TH6 is VERY GOOD,but 4 days is too long for an upgrade. ;(

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