Game Secrets

Game Secrets

All Clash of Clans Game Secrets you want to know in our Media Library.

Single Player Campaign Secrets

#5 Goblin Gauntlet Mission #5 Goblin Gauntlet Mission

There is a Campfire at the bottom of the #5 Goblin Gauntlet Single Player map of what looks like an Army Camp, however this doesn’t count towards the percentage.

Also you can see a Trunk and a small Stone to seat on them near the fire.

#8 Gold Rush Mission #8 Gold Rush Mission

There is a Christmas Tree from the winter’s 2012 Game Update  at the left corner of the #8 Gold Rush Single Player map.

If you have such a X-Mas Tree at your Base it means that you are true veteran of this game.

#10 Rat Valley Mission #10 Rat Valley Mission

There is one hidden Pumpkin Bomb located in the #10 Rat Valley Single Player map.

Look for it in front of the regular troop’s Gravestone at the right corner.

Video Clip for this event is Here.

#12 Gobbotown Mission #12 Gobbotown Mission

There is a Christmas Tree from the winter’s 2013 Game Update  at the right corner of the #12 Gobbotown Single Player map.

It’s also good for you to have one of this Decoration at your base.

#27 Obsidian Tower Mission #27 Obsidian Tower Mission

There are five level 3 hidden Skeleton Traps located in the #27 Obsidian Tower Single Player map.

Look for them near the Halloween’s Headstone at the bottom corner.

Even a level 40 Barbarian King alone is not enough to defeat all the Skeletons!

Video Clip for this event is Here.

#33 Full Frontal Mission #33 Full Frontal Mission

There are four hidden Pumpkin Bombs located at the #33 Full Frontal Single Player map.

Look for them behind all of the four big gray rocks.

Video Clip for this event is Here.

#38 Goblin Picnic Mission #38 Goblin Picnic Mission

There’s an Easter egg put in by Supercell most likely since the July 1, 2015 Update.

To do this, you must put a Jump Spell on the P.E.K.K.A Statue at the bottom right, use some Barbarians to get over the statue.

Once they’re inside, they’ll trigger the Santa Strike trap behind the statue. Santa Claus will appear and drop several presents.

This might mean that Supercell will re-implement Santa Strike this year.

Video Clip for this event is Here.

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