The Gems are premium Resources and also the General elements of the Clash of Clans game.

Gems are the premium in-game currency used to advance players’ villages.


When players first download the game they begin with 500Gems (250Gems of which you are forced to use for Builder’s Hut during the tutorial, and another 8 if you rush the buildings and troops when prompted). Additional Gems can be earned in-game by completing Achievements or clearing Obstacles, or purchased with real money.

Gems can be used in several ways:

  • There are several items, such as some Decorations (Pirate Flag, Mighty Statue) and additional Builder’s Huts, that can only be purchased with a substantial amount of Gems.
  • Gems also can be used to buy other Resources such as Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir in varying amounts.
  • They can be used to instantly finish the Troop training queues in Barracks and/or Dark Barracks.
  • Gems can also be used to instantly complete the construction or upgrade of Buildings, or Troop upgrades in the Laboratory.
  • Players can also speed up with Gems the production of Barracks and/or Dark Barracks.
  • Speed up the production resource collectors such as Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills for a period of time.
  • Speed up the Spells brewing in Spell Factory.
  • Heroes can be recovered or their healing rate can be increased by gems.
  • Gems can be used to purchase Shields , which will protect your base from attacks for their duration.

Purchasing Gems

If you using gems correctly, buying them can really speed up your progress in the game by a huge lot!

For example, not using the gems for the sole reason to upgrade your Town Hall to level 10, leaving the defenses at an extremely low level, but use gems to speed up troop training, allowing rapid attacks and rapid raiding of Resources.

Another way is to (if you are an impatient person), use it to speed up long building upgrades.

Some people buy Gems for the sole reason of building the third, fourth or fifth Builder’s Huts (quite often the third). However, upon achieving 1,250Trophies the player is awarded 450Gems, which is by itself nearly enough to buy the third Builder’s Hut. See Achievements for more information about in-game Gem rewards.

Pile of Gems Bag of Gems Sack of Gems Box of Gems Chest of Gems (Pile of Gems)RED

Prices for Different Amounts of Gems (swipe the table right and left)

Pile of Gems 500Gems $5.49 $4.99 £3.99 €4.99 ¥600 Fr. 5.00 ¥30.00 $65.00 279,00P
Bag of Gems 1,200Gems $10.49 $9.99 £6.99 €8.99 ¥1,200 Fr. 10.00 ¥68.00 $129.00 599.00P
Sack of Gems 2,500Gems $20.99 $19.99 £13.99 €17.99 ¥2,400 Fr. 20.00 ¥128.00 $259.00 1190,00P
Box of Gems 6,500Gems $51.99 $49.99 £34.99 €44.99 ¥6,000 Fr. 48.00 ¥328.00 $649.00 2990.00P
Chest of Gems 14,000Gems $109.99 $99.99 £69.99 €89.99 ¥11,800 Fr. 100.00 ¥648.00 $1,299.00 5990.00P

Earning Gems

Gems can be earned in the game without spending real money  by completing Achievements.

When you complete challenges in the Achievements menu, for example, «Clear 50 obstacles», players are rewarded with Gems. When players gain 3,200Trophies, they will be awarded 2,000Gems. This is the most amount of gems players can earn from achievements, use them wisely.

Another way to earn Gems is to clear Obstacles.

This process are a never-ending (albeit slow) source of Gems. Obstacles will give Experience and anywhere between 1-6Gems whenever they are cleared, although sometimes they may not give any gems at all. There is also a special obstacle known as a Gem Box, which always yields 25Gems when cleared, but is much rarer than other normal obstacles, such as trees, and usually spawns about once per week.

A further (although limited availability) way to earn Gems in game is to be one in the Top 20 players of the Top 3 Clans. At the end of each two-week period, the Top 3 Clans earn 50 000Gems for 1st, 30 000Gems for 2nd and 15 000Gems for 3rd; these totals are divided equally among the Top 20 players of the respective Clans.

Official Contests to Obtain Gems

To get Gems not by the game, on the Official Website of the game, periodically conducted various competitions for which the winners receive awards in the form of Gems.

Examples of Such Contests (swipe images left and right):

Best Base Design Contest Caption Contest Clash Off Contest 1 Clash Off Contest 2 Clash Off Contest 3 Fan Fiction Contest Magical Art Contest Witchin Art Contest Loot Contest King of the Woods Contest

 Actions With Reduction Price for Speed Up

To encourage players to spend more time at the gameplay, the developers also arrange promotions to lower the cost of accelerating the training of Troops, Resource mining or brewing Spells.

Typically, such actions are held in anticipation of the holidays (Christmas, Hellouin, etc.), and the price of acceleration during the action, always reduces to 1Gems.

Examples of Such Actions (swipe images left and right):

1 Gem All Boost Action #1 1 Gem All Boost Action #2 1 Gem All Boost Action #3 1 Gem Resource Boost Action #1 1 Gem Resource Boost Action #2 1 Gem Resource Boost Action #3 1 Gem Resource Boost Action #5 1 Gem Resource Boost Action #6 1 Gem Spell Boost Action #1 1 Gem Spell Boost Action #2

Interresting Facts

Clash of Clans is free to play, but contains a premium currency (in this case Gems) available for purchase for real money that gives players in-game advantages. These type of games are called «Freemium» games.

As players buy larger amounts of Gems per purchase, the cost per Gem decreases.

Many (if not most) high-level players buy large quantities of Gems (these players are often called «Gemmers»); Jorge Yao, who was one of the top players in the world, has stated in interviews that he had spent over $2,500 buying Gems.

It takes much more gems to heal a Hero or to request Clan Castle troops than to finish upgrades or troop training: for example, it takes 7Gems to finish an upgrade or troop training with 20 minutes remaining, but it takes 42Gems to request Clan Castle troops again immediately after requesting and 23Gems to heal a hero with 20 minutes remaining.

Between November 24 and December 8, 2014, and between November 30 and December 4, 2015, iOS users were able to purchase a (Pile of Gems) RED  for $4.99 to contribute to AIDS research. When they did they received a red shield on their Town Hall in 2014 and the red flag with brackets “( )” on their Town Hall in 2015.

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