Game Control

Game Control

The Game Control is a General element of the Clash of Clans game.


Controlling in the game is made in a easy and intuitive level.

To see information about any Game Control Element at the Game Main Screen, just move your mouse cursor (for PC, except Mozilla Firefox) or finger (for mobile) on it! The image is movable right and left!

Game Main Screen

. . .

Description of Game Control Elements (swap the table right and left)

Location Game Control Element Description
Upper left
corner of the screen
Your Name (, Сurrent Level (93Player Level) and Experience (87) See: ExperiencePlayer Level
«Player Profile» Menu See: Player Profile
«My League / Top Clans / Top Players / Friends» Menu See: Trophy LeaguesPlayers Ranking, Clans Ranking
Trophies Count (2513Trophies) and Current League Badge (Crystal 1) See: TrophiesTrophy Leagues
Messages Menu «Defense Log / Attack Log / Inbox» (2 Unread) Reports of your attacks, attacks on Your village, clan’s leaders messages
of the screen
Your Builders: Free/Total (3/5) [+] – Builders Purchase Button See: Builder
The presence and duration of Shield or Guard (12 h. 21 m.) [i] – Village Protection Info Button; [+] – Shield/Guard Purchase Button See: Shield, Guard
Top right corner
of the screen
Your Gold. Maximum (6 000 000Gold).  Available (691 687Gold) See: Resources
Your Elixir. Maximum (6 000 000Elixir).  Available (1 471 116Elixir) See: Resources
Your Dark Elixir. Maximum (80 000Dark Elixir). Available (2 644Dark Elixir) See: Resources
Your Gems. Available (205Gems) [+] – Gems Purchase Button See: Gems
Bottom left
corner of the screen
Chat Menu «Global / Clan» (100+ Unread) Messaging, Set new people in a clan, Chat with clan members
«Clan Wars» Menu See: Clan Wars
«Army Overview» Menu See: Army
«Attack!» Menu (Multiplayer / Single Player) See: Raids, Single Player Walkthrough
Bottom right
corner of the screen
«Layout Editor» Menu See: Layout Editor
«Achievements» Menu See: Achievements
«News / Settings / More» Menu Game settings, The latest news, Links to official pages
«Shop» Menu See: Buildings, ResourcesGems, Shield
Center of the screen Your Village Your Village Overview

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    I can’t play clash of clans. Loading problem please help me

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    john cos nanat

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    me is th 7 / gold 2

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    wonderfull acount

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