#22 Gobbo Campus Walkthrough

#22 Gobbo Campus Walkthrough #22 Gobbo Campus Walkthrough

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Available loot: 25,000Gold, 25,000Elixir

Traps: 4 Bombs, 4 Spring Traps

Army needed: 50 Barbarian + 150 Archer + 10 Giant + 1 Balloon

Gobbo Campus Village (Hover to Zoom)

#22 Gobbo Campus Village


Destroy the Air Defenses and Archer Towers then deploy your Balloon.

1. Deploy 10 Barbarians per archer tower.
2. Deploy 10 Giants at the bottom.
3. Deploy more Archers if the Archer Towers survive.

The above strategy didn’t work with all level 2 units, so it took some testing to find one that did.

1 Wall Breaker at the bottom, suggest aiming for the bottom left cannon first.

Then deploy 11 Archers at each tower, 10 is not enough. After all Archers are deployed, send all your giants (should have 9 if you are TH 4) to the bottom cannon. Then watch as you come close to losing but eventually win.

Gobbo Campus Walkthrough Video (Full HD)

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  1. avatar F ( Player's League: Unranked Unranked Player's Trophies 1 )

    Why do the single player levels require such a high level of everything? There has to be some way to do things without having level 4 everything. Really annoying on the game level I have to spend a week of upgrading everything to advance once

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