#9 Maginot Line Walkthrough

#9 Maginot Line Walkthrough #9 Maginot Line Walkthrough

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Available loot: 2,000Gold2,000Elixir

Traps: 14 Bombs

Army needed: 6 Barbarian + 30 Archer

Maginot Line Village (Hover to Zoom)

#9 Maginot Line Village


Destroy the Mortar and then the Cannons, be sure to place the Archers in a circle around the mortar. Destroy the bombs with Barbarians.

  1. Deploy 15 Archers in a circle around the mortar.
  2. Deploy 3 Barbarians at each cannon to set off the bombs.
  3. Deploy 15 Archers per cannon.

Maginot Line Walkthrough Video (Full HD)

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2 Responses to #9 Maginot Line Walkthrough

  1. avatar Peaches ( Player's League: Unranked Unranked Player's Trophies 1 )

    You can beat it with 3 giants, 2 barbarians and 3 archers (which only require 20 housing space for lower levels). Deploy one barbarian at each cannon to destroy the bombs, release the three giants on one cannon and only until the mortar begins attacking the giants will you release the 3 archers on the mortar, and then just wait.

  2. avatar DarthKreeaj ( Player's League: Unranked Unranked Player's Trophies 1 )

    Army needed: 6 barbarians 30 archers
    Strategy tells you to place 6 barbarians and 45 archers.
    Video shows use of 7 barbarians (6 is still fine if placed better.) and 40 archers.

    You might want to make some corrections on them.

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