#9 Maginot Line Walkthrough

#9 Maginot Line Walkthrough #9 Maginot Line Walkthrough

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Available loot: 2,000Gold2,000Elixir

Traps: 14 Bombs

Army needed: 6 Barbarian + 30 Archer

Maginot Line Village (Hover to Zoom)

#9 Maginot Line Village


Destroy the Mortar and then the Cannons, be sure to place the Archers in a circle around the mortar. Destroy the bombs with Barbarians.

  1. Deploy 15 Archers in a circle around the mortar.
  2. Deploy 3 Barbarians at each cannon to set off the bombs.
  3. Deploy 15 Archers per cannon.

Maginot Line Walkthrough Video (Full HD)

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One Response to #9 Maginot Line Walkthrough

  1. avatar DarthKreeaj ( Player's League: Unranked Unranked Player's Trophies 1 )

    Army needed: 6 barbarians 30 archers
    Strategy tells you to place 6 barbarians and 45 archers.
    Video shows use of 7 barbarians (6 is still fine if placed better.) and 40 archers.

    You might want to make some corrections on them.

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