Santa Strike

Santa Strike

The Santa Strike is one of many Traps in the Clash of Clans game.

Leave a special surprise gift for your enemies. Your generosity will surely be rewarded!


Limited time special defense: Santa Strike! Call in an air strike of explosive presents (but what is inside the boxes?)

This trap was added by Supercell for the 2013 winter holiday season as part of the 5 December 2013 update.

When detonated, Santa Claus will fly by in his sled and “deliver” Christmas presents that explode when they hit the ground.

The effect is similar to the Lightning Spell in that it does damage randomly in a fixed radius.

Each time the Trap is set off, it will drop 5 presents. When you collect the presents, each one will give you 5,000Elixir.

The Trap deals damage to ground and air Troops.

The presents actually take a while to do damage to Troops.

There is a subtle difference between the Trap and the presents, the presents are slightly smaller and the trap and the orientation of the bow is different.

It is not available in the current game version.

Base Features

Building Size: 1х1 TitleBuilding Size Favorite Target: AnyFavorite Target
Trigger Radius: 1 TitleTrigger Radius Targets: Ground & Air
Number of Strikes: 5 Damage Type: Single TargetDamage Type
Damage per Strike: 20Damage Build/Re-Arm Cost: 1,000Gold

Available to Build

Town Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Visual Differences (swipe images right and left)

Interesting Facts

The Santa Strike’s “present” bombs only damage units if they are standing directly on the tiles that the presents hit; otherwise no damage is dealt.

The “Unpleasant Present”, a similar Trap with the same appearance, was available in the 2012 winter holiday update.

The Santa Strike is the second Trap with Santa instead of an auto-damage effect.

There’s an Easter egg implemented most likely in the most recent update. At the 38# Goblin Picnic in the Single Player Campaign, use a Jump Spell at the P.E.K.K.A Statue and try to convince ground Troops to go through the P.E.K.K.A Statue, they’ll trip on the Santa Strike trap behind the statue, shortly afterwards Santa Claus will appear and drop down presents. This may or may not indicate that Supercell is planning to add the Santa Strike again.

Control Elements

Info– Tapping this icon displays information about the trap, such as Type, Level, Re-arm cost, Damage Type, Favorite Target, Targets, etc. At the bottom of the screen briefly describes the principle of its action.
Re-Arm– Tapping this icon re-arms the current trap. This icon is only displayed after your Trap has been triggered during an enemy attack.
Re-Arm All– Tapping this icon re-arms all Traps. This icon is only displayed when one or more of your Traps have been triggered in a previous enemy attack.
All Traps Armed– This icon cannot be tapped, and is only displayed when all of Your Traps are armed.

Santa Strike in Action

Troops triggering the trap:
Troops triggering the trap
Trap popping open (without any damage):
Trap popping open (without any damage)
Red smoke, followed by Santa flying above it:
Red smoke, followed by Santa flying above it
Present Carpet Bomb!
Present Carpet Bomb!
There is no much damage to attacking troops:
There is no much damage to attacking troops
The trap just drops presents with 5k elixir each.
The trap just drops presents with 5k elixir each
But over time you can have a nice design of your base :)
But over time you can have a nice design of your base :)

Santa Strike in Action Video (HD)

Santa Strike at the “Goblin Picnic” Single Player Map Video (Full HD)

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