Santa’s Surprise

Santa’s Surprise

The Santa’s Surprise is one of many Spells in the Clash of Clans game.

Ask Santa for the best present there is: a hail of destruction raining down on your enemies!


The Santa’s Surprise Spell creates Santa dropping down explosive presents on a certain area.

It is a very powerful Spell, its only drawback being its time to make, which is 25 hours.

It is not available in the current game version.

Offensive Strategy

One strategy made possible by this spell is to take down as many Mortars and Wizard Towers as possible so you can swarm a village with Archers or Barbarians without suffering from splash damage.

This Spell was introduced during the 2012 winter theme update. When you cast the Spell, Santa comes and drops bombs in the form of presents on the defending village for a total of 1,500 damage.

Base Features

Spell Factory Level: 1Spell Factory Level Number of Strikes: 5
Time to Brew: 1 day 1 часTime to Brew Time Between Strikes: 0.1 secsTime Between Strikes
Damage per Strike: 300Damage per Strike Radius: 1 TitleRadius
Total Damage: 1500Total Damage Random Radius: 4 TitlesRandom Radius
Cost of Brewing: 25,000Elixir

Interesting Facts

This Spell prompted Supercell to increase the hit points of the Clan Castle. Players were destroying the Clan Castle with this Spell before it could deploy its troops.

The Spell was available around Christmas 2012, but not on Christmas Day itself.

Santa’s Surprise was the only Spell that cannot be upgraded.

Santa’s Surprise takes 1 day and 1 hour to make. That’s 25 hours. Christmas is on December 25th.

There was a potential cheat to win with Santa’s Surprise. You could use 3 (1,500 x 3 = 4,500) Santa’s Surprise Spells to K.O. the opponent’s Town Hall (at the time, a maxed Town Hall level 9 had 4,200 HP). If Gems were no object, it would be possible to gain significant amounts of Trophies quickly with this strategy (though it would take approximately 522 Gems to immediately train all three Spells each time, or US$4.10 per attack if bought in bulk, as a chest of gems used to cost $109.99).

Watch the Video of Santa’s Surprise!

Many players had speculated that there would be a chance that Santa’s Surprise will come again in December 2013. However, it was not made available in the December 2013 update, which instead implemented the Santa Strike Trap.

Although the spell is no longer available to create, anyone who had created the Spell but had not used it would still have it in their Spell Factory. There have been continuing reports on the forums (as of May 2013) of people being attacked by Santa’s Surprise.

The Spell essentially serves as a much more powerful Lightning Spell with a larger damage radius.

Spells used to cost Gold, so did Santa’s Surprise.

The Santa’s Surprise in Action Video (HD)

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